Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Make An Otf Knife

Refounded Communist party with the discomfort: TAKE THE HIGH COSTS TO OUR CONSENT the same old story


The center-right administration has stood out this year for the construction of BelpassoEstate. In throughout the City of Belper has spent a whopping € 79,000, twice last year, coated in different events - precisely because, as we remember well the Department of Sport, Tourism and Entertainment Pulivirenti John, "the current financial and economic crisis leads us to contain the lowest possible cost. "

Lennon The organization of the Festival, some concerts like that of Weller, the football tournament organized by the non-party (?) "In the heart of Belper, and funded by pluripubblicizzata are just examples of the concept that the current political class has belpassese Wellness citizenship. So while she screams that finally "growing city" we are constantly flooded with waste, a significant proportion of parts of the country has not in fact access to water service, poisoned by vanadium but still necessary (see The Straight west, River Street and via Che Guevara not to mention the plight of villages) and grows more and more unemployment, except for a few "privileged" chosen certainly merits (?) but by the municipality and businesses without a shred of competition transparent. And what of vanadium in water problem whose resolution would be enough to apply some filters and instead continue to work around for years with exceptions that raising the percentage office in a totally unique way does not restore the public health. Some might believe that we are the usual Criticón, quote dear old adage "de gustibus" ever, but we continue to advocate the need for a department of social solidarity, to take care of the weakest sectors of our city, and to support that there are many issues of importance to a significantly larger "cake guinness, for one thing. After all speeches are not new! One example is the case, burning garbage that invades our streets just as happened in the first period of Directors headed by Eng. Alfio Papale, before the end of the eighties. DC, PSI, FI, PDL, MPA: call it what you want but this clear example of bad local government is a constant of a way of looking at politics. How beautiful, easy, fun, decorate with garlands chains of indigence of others and smile with evenings of Sangria while the population continues to pay el'autoreferenzialità the inability of the management of the public good, which has become a matter of private power!
How then do not repeat the tragedy of unemployment in Belper? How can we not mention the complete absence from the Berlusconi government of a programmatic line on social and economic development of our nation? We invite the public to remember that the responsibility to Belper National Government are fully reflected in the daily administration of a small Southern town like ours. We're not on the side of underpaid, whose work is in black, who enjoys the flexible and contingent labor saving safety and blackmailing with various fixed-term contracts, who continues to manage the power through votes of exchange, who believes that turning out a film program has solved the problem of a possible center of culture as the Arena Caudullo (after years of neglect).
degradation is plain for all / and!

The Communist Party of the PRC is ready to be available and how many of those who are supportive of our ideas to our proposals:

- Creation of an effective social department, which now would have to delegate the Mayor but is virtually nonexistent;

- Apply filters against vanadium and improvement of water services in all areas of the country, including villages

- Establishment transparent competitions for the work assigned by the municipality or by contractors (so as to prevent, any other business customers).

- Out of the exit of the Environment by the City of Belper.




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