Friday, March 11, 2011


Sister defeat

domains Year Beginning of September 2010. Start the Football League. My name is Julie, extreme violator of the Sicilian province. It is the god ball that settles in my brain. Not even to admit it, of all the football teams that I remember I could not cheer the nearby Catania. Then inform the dear readers who have proven "faith" Juventus. There could be more time to digest that faith and now I believe this to have lived my life without becoming a ultras. But I must satisfy the fact that the colors Bianconeri struck me every time I see them on the players the famous team in Turin.
same month of 2010 domains. Silvio Berlusconi to power. I believe that this political class living the post-Tangentopoli, new re-edited versions. They allow themselves to be called liberal, but s'impantanano nell'elefantiasi parliament, sometimes damaging the balance of the majority, some other time drawing pirouettes restored by pure ancien regime. This is not a cave spider hole and who is under is always the same to pay duty. The gentle reader would understand that I am now with the parties currently in Parliament that had nothing to do anything. Yes, I confess I am an adult Communist, a fellow who knows what the system and defeat.
now autumn is about to end and I think the reality that erodes the feeling of love I have for a girl. It 's true: I write poems in rhyme AB / AB / AB and so on, looking back on my life has lost its spark. Every time I meet my ex-girlfriend and my heart s'innerva like I was a kid the first experience. Sometimes I end up in the tunnel: a few beers to drink in Catania, significantly impacted by the lack of tact of these guys, now the protagonists of what sociologists call generational change. Today is Sunday and the day live football in the best way. I already bet on matches of the 15 RadioRai and listening, that "All the football, minute by minute." Juventus will play tonight against Milan. The afternoon meetings end and I lose the bet, as a ritual. 20:45 am and the Juve enters the field ......

The Rossoneri playing at home, but it seems that the company did not hatch any Quagliarella and awe. I watch the game at home, through clandestine site. I am very calm, even though I smoke a cigarette after another. On the thirtieth of the first time I watch the goals: De Ceglie and cross header Quagliarella. Sing like a man possessed, gazing buckle our striker, who with his great athletic immobilizes the Milan goalkeeper Abbiati. The first part of the race ends with this part and decide to listen some songs by very well known website Youtube. The Mau Mau "La Ola" to stay on football, then the Susbonica of "Dark Dawn" just to stay young and finally "Rhythm policy" of the Mau Mau themselves in the company of Africa Unite. I enjoy singing the lead singer of Turin Mau Mau, which in the song with fellow Africa attack the president of Milan. He began the second half. They spend minutes and minutes and at one point a midfielder at the Rossoneri s'inguaia half, losing the ball, the latter are falling prey to Sissoko, who approaches with large strides towards the opposing goal, at one point, rather that pulling the Ivorian s'impappina, but passes the ball to Del Piero, who tow and pull precisely, the innocent gealndo Abbiati at his right hand. E '2 0. It will end shortly thereafter with the victory of Juventus, although there will be the goals of the former Ibrahimovic to unleash an exhilarating final.
E 'already December and we have all the conditions for which the Berlusconi government could fail. The people crowded the streets of Rome, even attacking the police. Strange but true, that will not be able to give only a show of strength of the mass movement against the government, without the latter leaves office before the Legislature. I'm embarrassed by this point view. Informs me via the Internet, not only by carefully reading my ever-present copy of "Il Manifesto". Nothing to do, will end the year with the "cake" for all parliamentarians, though Fini no longer supports his former companion Berlusconi. I think at the end of the communists, to be marginal to their political agony. For New Year
fully underway, I still wonder what he is doing Juventus. After a major battle won, you end up with the idea of \u200b\u200bdefining large. Strung together a series of stunning defeats, and I think after the initial expectations-there is nothing more than to wait until next season to chase the dream league. Sister Juventus defeat pervades all of us. The team is in shambles pure. We are the collective syndrome, so I take it with the single player. Damn! I attend the twice former Di Vaio now of Bologna at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin and I am exhausted. For this year, well in advance, all you end up on holiday, perhaps avoiding the Europa League, which is nothing but a waste of time.
It is in March. Abandoning every sporting ambitions, I can devote myself to politics, not as a journeyman, but as an activist of the party of my country. Here too, we lost, but not defeated. The struggle continues, but is fixed in me the idea a defeat more palpable for a party that has lost its electoral base and do not know how to recover it, if not filled with obsolete styles, although they have a historical significance. So, the defeat continues, as the stadium, the same way in Parliament, but also in the simple relationships.
I just have to hang the traditional "boots on the nail" for a while 'time, waiting for the classic Inter-Juve to the best of potential eagle and the longed-class struggle, hoping for those who need to get to the end of the month it is not ideologically pure nonsense.

Giandomenico Morabito


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