Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best State For Fake Id

: our Maciste! NICOLA

With the summer heat the stupid puns multiply but do not waste!
Mauritius Hercules has a long history, which started in the '80s by World Mongo and continued with Frigidaire, Bzz Comix, Snuff, Jam City, Mangazine, Noise, Graffiti, Motel, Monstars, Studio Voodoo, Calavera Apocripha ...
frenetic activity and relentlessly, with the quality and fun. On
INNER SPACE, our Herculean workaholic will be much more than just an author ...
Buy this publication for yourself!
In September the best comic shop in America and translated for the occasion in a preview to ITALIAN Treviso Comic Book Festival 2010!


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