Monday, July 5, 2010

Penertration Deep In To The

Rectina, dancing (rd) alone! Re-

painful game of words, Take good not bad ... is the heat!
though, and those who have even one doubt cast the first bolt, Nicola Rectina is considered the only true heir of a certain pre-cyber-punk science fiction, that "thugs" of literature as James Ballard ('s in fact), William Burroughs and John Shirley-saw from the '60s to the '80s and its best singers.
Rectina Nicholas, author of the graphic novel PLANET Zurer and numerous other comics published
Naked Woman Inside, Lucio Fulci poet of the macabre, Monstars, Space Utopia, World Pirillo, Calavera Apocripha, Erotic Factory: Horror ... is without fear of contradiction between the radical and the most original authors of his generation and of the international comics scene.
insidacabili For these reasons, will make a fine show of his talent since the first issue of INNER SPACE.


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