Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Does Cannabis React With St Johns Wort?


Dump and theft. Government policy ABSENT.

It 's a tragic situation that presented by the citizens inhabitants / residents in the district Scorsone (Former St. Lucia). In addition to denounce the continued absence water supply (sometimes even in winter), people also complain about the complete lack of lighting systems and public services in general (even the postal service leaves some doubt). And though as if this were not enough, the area of \u200b\u200bthe district is often full of waste and material of all kinds! Clearly, all this at the expense of the citizen who is forced to buy stocks and various containers for water. Some local residents have been denied the chance to have a normal water meter, with the justification (Acoset belpassese and the current administration) that the district needs a new water system, however, ever! In addition, the area is often subject in robberies and thefts of all kinds. Once again we see a completely different treatment between the center and outskirts of Belper.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF Refoundation BELPASSO (Federation of the Left) NEXT DOOR TO THE PEOPLE'S PETITION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF WATER SERVICES. The petition will be presented .......

to all administrative agencies of jurisdiction. Un'esposto also be presented to the prosecutor's office. The PRC of Belper is also ready to provide its power to mobilize to defend all citizens of the districts north of Belper perpetually suffering lack of water and NO PUBLIC LIGHTING.


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