Monday, December 27, 2010

Kates Playground Forum Sets

Stop 2010 China's terms English. In Italy the rampant itanglese

L 'General Administration of Press and Publications China prohibits the national media to include in their texts untranslated words in Mandarin. " The increasing use of English words and abbreviations in seriamante undermines the purity of the Chinese written language spoken ," says the government agency.
The lexical
patriotism is a phenomenon that has gripped France in the recent past also. The only difference is that beyond the Alps media operators have "pretty unaware of the requirements of" patriotic "law and nothing happened to them. But in China, media workers who dared so much, would risk severe sanctions. Radical difference, then , between communism and democracy, even idiocy, "writes Charles Panella .

But it is really idiotic or just a battle of principle? In our country, the ' itanglese written communication businesses grows from year to year to an extent exponential, the research reveals a translation company Agostini Associati .

How to get out? Accept the linguistic contamination and stick to a principle function : absolutely certain words work better in English but translated to the terms of identity and make a creative effort to find the word in Italian!


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