Thursday, December 9, 2010

Plastic Bag Refrigerator Shedding Sweater

Valerie and Max - June 27, 2010

I abandoned this blog for too long, but I was presissima from work. I delivered a major project and then are being updated on the website. In a few days I leave for Dublin and stay out until 14! In short, I chock-full of busy!
Today, however, on the other hand I show you photos of the wedding of a very special girl. When Valerie contacted me for participation in the boxes and tasting, I was very surprised by his upbringing. Perhaps it may seem a teacher's comment on his best student, but to me education is synonymous with many things, including simplicity, peace of mind and deep respect for others. And with time Valentina has proved this and more. I want to write publicly, because I am a person of few words and sometimes the risk of sounding a bit 'Arctic, but I like it when I can recognize all the people who are able to prove it! Now notice
more talk and tell you a little 'history of the couple in question. Valentina
and Massimo have known 12 years ago at the workplace and was love at first sight. Not too convinced that they affect each other, too timid to have continued to treat them with indifference, but for 5 years, have thought about each other, until in 2006 Max has decided to declare himself well. So after a year, they found they wait for their beautiful baby, Fabio (better known to us all as Attila)
Their marriage delicate, loud and attention to detail has been a mirror of nature, not for nothing that the common thread the whole event was the color pink.

wedding dress: Fabio Gritti
flowers and gifts mariage: Perardi Florist - Rivarolo C. (To)
equity and boxes tasting EyderWeddingDesign
Church, the Church of St. James the Apostle - Rivarolo C.
location: Castello di San Giorgio Canavese
Catering: GV Gobbino - Torino
Music: "The shop of music" - Alzate Brianza (Como)
Photographer: Diego Castagna L'attimofotografico
Video: Alessandra Soldati di Bologna


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