Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Movies Of Milena Velba

if I could get married in 2011, the winner Would Be ...

Okay, I admit ... I'm a bad blogger. Do not place on a daily, I'm lazy.
Today I committed a bit 'more, because yesterday I bought a lot' of wedding magazines ... and I had a strong strong desire to try more than a few dress! Uncontrollable love that ...
So I decided to draw up a list of all staff, 10 of which are the clothes you wear if I were a bride in 2011. What do you think? Here it

1) Antonio Riva

2) Giuseppe Papini

3) Atelier Acquachiara

4) Bwhite

5) Tosca brides

6) Nicole Montenapoleone

7) Anna Cerruti

8) Paola Blu
9) Jesus Peiro

10) Rosa Clara


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