Friday, January 14, 2011

Dragonballyaoi Doujinshi

prematurely SUPERV


If the saying is true "is about as magnificent", what ever you feed Nichi Vendola, to come up with sentences like the following?
"Change it if democracy is not only photography synchronic ideological and cultural moods of this but if, somehow, has a capacity, if we may say so, the projection diachronic perspective that goes beyond the generation gap, if the 'common good' preserves it with vision, if you take bisexual of the language that builds as the principle of reality and escape from the cage of the male-neutral. " ("The dilemmas of hope: a dialogue")

A leader who is proposed as a break with the past should above all avoid talking like the old policy of parallel convergences. It should be understood. Even by the workers, if necessary. Without
duped with melodies Pied Piper or by pointing to the intestines as the populist billionaire but expressing concepts clear and simple. Common words, without additives, pesticides and preservatives.

Vendola however, judging by the above phrase and the other given in the valuable collection edited by Claudia Ceraso and recovery from Tafanus yesterday, along with some pretty good Concettino that come out especially when he is host to Brignardi Daria loves to derail These free associations Grillo brutally dismissed, not without reason, as supercazzole Methylparaben and would be able to play them with one of his famous "generators". In this case "generator vendoliani concepts." The wannabe candidate
of the center, also inexplicably hailed by the new right of FLI, talk, what a disappointment, as one of those very old intellectuals from the left than once, and those who, reading them, you were afraid of being dyslexic and who spoke so just so you do not understand cock and end up being right on the masses. Maybe I'm wrong, but the bisexual of language can not go out so suddenly one morning, like a pimple, but it requires a specific mindset.
It is not only the polished speech to impress the audience, is also the unbridled use of obviousness almost embarrassing. When not using the Supervia prematurity against his interlocutors, Nichi becomes a poet by accident large and small sublime storyteller unforgettable images. Memorable
his story: "I remember the feeling of infinite freedom in going to look for an earring suited to my pocket, a simple circle of gold, and the pain of the hole made into jewelry, I realized how much beauty there is born in the womb of pain ". Nichi
If the pain is to get the ear hole, let alone if he had to give birth or suffer un'infibulazione Pharaohs. And then the same thing we heard him say a thousand times by the old aunts: "To be beautiful must suffer".
How about a little phrase like this:
"I get criticized, in fact I will move a charge Crime. I am guilty of abuse of port dream and I must say that I tend to plead guilty. "
Let's face it, this is a cut above to Moccia. Indeed, the eclipses.
My favorite though is this:
"The sexual development of an electoral process."
So, to summarize the results of anatomical dissection of the candidate Vendola, we could call one who talks like Aldo Moro, Federico Moccia and think like you think a genius like Giovanni Allevi.

Where has the left that speaks to the working class?


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