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SEALED: BELPASSO not grow. PROPOSALS Refounded Communist Party.

Tuesday, January 18 has been worn out yet another proof of the futility of the current administration belpassese. At 22 (with 2 and a half hours late) there was a city council that we believe describes very well the state in which pours belpassese policy. E 'should be communicated to all citizens not present "event" that the five items on the agenda were once again postponed until a later date. We can safely say that the delays are becoming a bad habit but timely given that from 2009 to date were postponed a long series of Odg. What's more, we record the fact that the majority is no more, because the Council Wide (UDC) said he was no longer director of the majority. Previously also Sinitò (Civic Party) had expressed the desire to not want to be part of the center-right. Meanwhile, Freedom and independence with the intervention Zitelli of the need to announce a change of route of administration, or even the party that represents instances of Table Plan released by the majority. And in all places where the PD?

Those who voted the Democratic Party in the previous municipal elections, as the "only opposition" must know that the director Sava has clearly stated that "We must help the mayor". We do not think of doing an act of political dishonesty by saying that the Democratic Party is totally absent for years in the political and social reality belpassese. In summary, while the council is split because some of the center-right politicians have stated that the majority is in crisis, the PD by Gaetano Sava launches the lifeboat to the mayor. All this happens in a dramatic situation for the country. Think about the waste problem, even in neighborhoods where there is no water in winter, unemployment and lack of work in particular for young people, and especially an increase of social problems that, for the first time in Belper, it touches only the most popular neighborhoods, but expands like an oil slick on a good part of the country, not to mention the fact that an area as highly fractionated Belper also needs an adequate connection between periphery and center to offer the inhabitants of the districts or villages, better services. Instead we note that there are still districts and districts that have serious problems with street lighting or pavements. Belpassesi remind citizens that toward the end of 2010 (Resolution N 257 of 09/12/2010 GM), Papale's center-right administration approved the TIA 2011. Previously, between 2004 and 2009, the town of Belper had advanced a total sum of 3.656.467.91 € also includes an advance of € 271,000 (CC Resolution N 79 of 14.09.2010) to pay a tax on junk become true and his nightmare for all citizens, especially the most disadvantaged: they have ended the year in the worst way el'hanno started even worse, according to our point of view. The Communist Party of the PRC Belper expresses great disagreement on the current operations of the center-right administration is regarded as undesirable and the continuing blockade of the work slowdown in the city council! We take this opportunity to reiterate our offer: - Exit the companies and ATO Acoset;
- Start a social policy to benefit the poorer classes (economic assistance and minimum income);
- Optimization of all services Government (Water, Transport, Post, Roads and lighting)
- Rehabilitation of all the suburbs and the city center (especially complex Caudullo)
- New PRG defining once and for all areas and Non-residential building;
- Development of a Anti-Rackets Association, a Belper fighting against the mafia;
- Upgrading of nursery Via Middle Schools.

PRC-Italian Communists of Belper
349 6151064


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