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1971-2011: 40 YEARS OF "QUEEN"


One evening in 1969 in a pub singer and pianist of the group SMS (Sour Milk Sea) Farrokh Bulsara aka Freddie Mercury knew the band Smile Brian May (guitar) Roger Taylor (drums) and Tim Staffell voice of the British group. From that night onwards starts the formation of Queen. May said that right now, "the agreement with Freddie was 'immediate' while Roger was" completely stunned by his tone of voice. " Following Staffell abandoned his Smile. Spend a few weeks and the group decided to switch from name to name Queen Smile. Freddie thought of this name for a variety of things "is a universal name immediately and is open to all kinds of interpretations," said later. The complete line-up occurs with the arrival of bassist John Deacon, and the design of the symbol. A symbol that will soon be among the most critically acclaimed artist. The symbol was designed by Freddie Mercury who will try to earn the respect and confidence of 2 friends Brian and Roger. The first musical work is not "The Queen" as many people think but "Queen in nuce" an assimilation of work and lyrics written and completed between 1969 and 1970 (thus with the absence of Deacon). In this collection stands out the song "Going back".

For fans Queen in a nutshell "is a collection of songs is not negligible because you can clearly see the pilot phase of sound and harmony vocals. The year following the birth of the Queen began to work on the release of their first album and it comes out July 13, 1973 "The Queen". The years of birth of the group are the years immediately following the boom of the phenomenon "The Beatles" which have completely revolutionized musical styles and ways of appearing. While maintaining their autonomy, even the Queen as many other rock / pop music and the arts will suffer the influence of the Beatles at least in their initial stage of formation. Another group that according to the four members of the group has influenced the way they were making music of Led Zeppelin.


THE QUEEN The Queen The album was anticipated by the release of the single "Keep Yourself Alive, but he never appeared on the charts British (partly because of the lack of radio promotion), and was even called it "obscene" by the critics of Rolling Stone magazine. In general, world opinion and especially its American did not like the style of the texts that often shameless treated sensitive issues as love and sex. Ultimately it can be said that the Queen had already projected into a future that images with more freedom of gender and diversity man seen in all its facets and not as an obligation of male or female identity. For all these reasons the assessment of the Queen by the Catholic Church and the Catholic faithful in general will always be strongly negative. With the "Great King Rat" the group was accused of atheism. Recite verses of the song: "Now listen everybody, people, throw away the good and keep evil. Do not believe everything you read in the Bible
you sinners get in line Saints you a little 'more
behind Very soon you will be his disciple. "
But it was with "jesus" that the group dampens criticism antireligiosità. Send it tells the story of Jesus'. Because, among other things, the effects created by the Red Special (Brian May's guitar), many fans considered the first hour of psychedelic rock band Queen. A quick answer is that the text stand out songs with a variety of topics (religion, imagination, love) and different styles of music some of them quite original due to the band. For example, in "Doing All Right" and "Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll" we can enjoy the sound of Queen's original compositions characterized by long and violent, long guitar solos and abrupt tempo changes. Great King Rat Jesus and Liar lyrics and melodies are less rock and more substantial as in The Night Comes Down "is an obvious influence The Beatles. Even in the text of the song is also an ambiguous reference to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds "Lucy Was High And So Was I; Dazzling, holding the world inside." May is by his own admission a Beatles fan and in numerous interviews has stated the influence played by the British band (as well as Deacon). Keep Yourself Alive Son and daughter are the emblem of the first sound of Queen. Finally as the last track there is a draft of Seven Seas Of Rhye album which will be finalized later. We can say with certainty that The Queen was not 'just a great debut album but is one that many fans will be defined by the "perfect harmony vocal and instrumental group. As we shall see the harmony of the group's first album will be more and more absorbed by the extraordinary voice of Freddie Mercury. Brian May said about the album: "Queen has sold so much over a long period of time and coincided with our break into the world of live concerts. In that way we matured a lot as a group, also had our public even before the press to notice us. "QUEEN I peaked at 24 RANKING IN GREAT BRITAIN AND THE ALBUM HAS SOLD 2 MILLION records worldwide (as updated to 2006).

The Queen comes out March 8, 1974 II. This album has been repeatedly considered by critics a concept, which focuses on the eternal struggle between good and evil. The single released was the vocal version of Seven Seas of Rhye, their first hit, which reached, but only in Britain, settling in the tenth top ten rankings. Unlike the first album, Queen II protagonists absolute Freddie Mercury and Brian May. In fact all the tests (except one) and also bring their signature musical interpretation. Summarizing we can say that the album is divided into 2 parts: black side and white side. The black part Mercury sees that starting to see what you can do with microphone in hand, while the white side which is to May you can clearly see the imprint of the softer style. Also in May this album along with Taylor will sing several songs. The most important is that Queen II is arguably the album where you hear the piano and stands out in almost all texts. In addition, note the improvement of keeping the group on the first cd. Songs like Nevermore (here you can see all the sweetness of timbre of the piano and Freddie) The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke (Dadd's painting is drawn from) Funny How Love Is (the only song on the album that does not deal with medieval legends or disputes between good and evil), and Father to Son (no doubt one of the best songs on the album) are evidence of how the group is well established. However, it is with Seven Seas of Rhye the band reaches the top of the charts in several countries (in Britain, the album touches the 5 position, while in Norway, Japan and the U.S. for a few weeks in the Top 50. Fans and critics agree that this was the album with the cover and in general with the most beautiful pictures of their careers. II QUEEN HAS SOLD ABOUT 3 MILLION records worldwide.

Sheer Heart Attack by Queen II
If the group had managed to consolidate their musicality with the Sheer Heart Attack Queen obtained an unexpected success and the final approval of certain criticism. Each of promotion are Now I'm Here (authentic piece of light rock), but above that will soon become a Killer Queen the most beautiful songs and appreciated by the public. The album will prove to be among the most experimental of the group. Rock songs are present as (Now I'm Here, Brighton Rock, and Stone Cold Crazy Tenement Funster) and texts that refer to African-American style mixed with guitar and drums as Misfire, Bring Back That Leroy Brown, In the Laps of the Gods. In particular texts such as Brighton Rock and Stone Cold Crazy are now a true legend for the heavy metal singers. Suffice it to say that many groups and metal guitarists are absolutely convinced that these songs have in fact anticipated the emergence and spread of heavy metal. Sheer Heart Attack was the first album to win a platinum disc. In addition, the album grazed the head of the standings in the UK and stood among the top 30 in six other countries. SHEER HEART ATTACK HAS SOLD MORE THAN 5 MILLION RECORD IN THE WORLD AND MORE 'TO 250,000 COPIES IN ITALY.

Queen for 1975 was the year of destiny. On November 21, 1975 released A Night At The Opera is considered by many a fan of Queen's finest album, and arguably the best album of the Queen "first version". He reached the top of the charts in the UK, Finland, Holland, and Australia. This was mainly due to Bohemian Rhapsody perhaps the best song from Queen. The same song written by Mercury in the UK was voted as "Song of the Century." E ' held by all insiders as a pillar of rock music. In short, if it comes to rock one can not but mention Bohemian Rhapsody. The title of the album, along with the following A Day at the Races (1976), is inspired by two famous namesakes of the Marx Brothers film, known in Italy with the titles translated to A Night at the Opera (1935) and A Day at the Races (1937). The two albums were initially supposed to be published together as a double album (a project that took a lot especially May), the record company, however, judged it prudent to publish two separate and distinct jobs to reduce costs, since the album was one of the more expensive because of the large trials (the view also of the atypical music content, which gave no certainty on the success of sales). The group plays with the alternation and fusion between rock and classical music (is an example of Bohemian Rhapsody). Love also mention on my life (always written by Mercury) considered one of the most romantic lyrics of the band, my best friends You (Deacon) Good company (May) and I'm in Love With My Car sung by Roger Taylor on top form (considered by critics one of the best rock songs 70s). In conclusion we can say that A Night At The Opera was not only one of the most successful album of the band but also the most experimental album of Queen. It was the first album to get more of a platinum disc. Baker said on Bohemian Rhapsody: "It was a terrible job, a full week to try to implement the ideas of Freddie, and every time m'illudevo have finished with the chorus came and he said:" I thought I'd add some more 'of Galileo " "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA HAS SOLD 12 MILLION RECORDS IN THE WORLD.

'fifth album by British rock band produced in the studio. The title refers to the immediately preceding album, A Night at the Opera. Both titles were inspired by two famous namesakes of the Marx Brothers film. A day at the races was seen by all as a step backwards from A Night At The Opera is like experimental music as sound. Despite all this, there were songs and lyrics of the highest quality due to the style queen: I am referring in particular to Tie Your Mother Down (May) Long Away (May) Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy (Mercury) and Somebody to Love (Mercury). This is certainly one of the masterpieces of the band: meet somebody to love in the voice of Freddie and the other members of the group along with a perfect harmony of piano music guitar drums and bass. Personally I think the song Somebody to Love Queen of the 70 most beautiful. There are also pieces of the whole experimental drowse like (Taylor). Regarding the statistics the album reached the top of the charts in Japan, UK and the Netherlands while in 6 other countries Europe he was among the top ten. A DAY AT THE RACES HAS sold over 6 million records worldwide.

With News of the World (1977) Queen have written a page in the history of rock music. This was due mainly to We Will Rock You (May) and We Are The Champions (Mercury). These two hits will be played in all sporting events in the world. Also We are the Champions is perhaps the most famous song by Queen. Although it contains some very interesting lyrics and poems as Sheer Heart Attack by Roger Taylor and Spread Your Wings Deacon, we can say that the album was pulled from the second hit from the stadium. News of the World once stood in first place in France, Holland and Portugal. In general it was the first album in placing among the top 10 in Europe, and the first to "break" in the U.S. (3rd place). However, failed to reach the top of the charts in the UK. NEWS OF THE WORLD has placed more than 10 million records worldwide. Closed
the experience of the News of the World Queen revolutionized the way they make music and their clothing. From this moment on, the group will sell more and more step by Freddie Mercury. Subsequent albums (particularly from The Works on) Freddie become the protagonist of the band and will almost always be the only voice fielded. The musical style is generally more noisy richest rock. The presence of the piano will be less. Music also correspond to the change of aesthetics: The Game everyone in the band (except May) will have relatively short hair. Will the distant days when the Queen had long hair. At a later stage we will see another cosmetic change: Freddie will bring long mustache under his nose, then non-random choice: to bring the mustache meant to convey a message of homosexuality in the UK. Ultimately, the Queen will opt for a renewal of music but especially of image.

a parenthesis MUSIC: JAZZ
The Jazz released November 10, 1978. The album mixes many different musical styles between them, as the disco-funk (Fun It) and vaudeville (Dreamer's Ball), besides the usual old rock and roll (Dead On Time) and hard rock (If you can not beat them). Curiously, it does not contain any important piece in jazz style, with the exception of the swing Dreamers Ball. The eclecticism of the band shown in this work was both cause for praise and criticism, and the album at its release was panned by the critic Dave Marsh in Rolling Stone, nevertheless, reached sixth place in the U.S. Billboard 200 . Jazz contains a number of relevant data. The album I consider it a kind of music than the other brackets because album mixes a long series of musical styles. Mustapha even there are verses in English. In any case, the album is not lacking in outstanding songs: Fat Bottomed Girls is a raw hard rock written by Brian May, Bicycle Race, a piece that lampoons the myths and clichés of the time and accompanied by a video (and censored) that had naked girls on bicycles, and Do not Stop Me Now, cheerful cavalcade of piano and voice, both written by Freddie Mercury. In Do not Stop Me Now shows once again the determination of Mercury. Despite the many criticisms of the album Queen remains in the top places in most of Europe and Portugal in the first place. Jazz will be the last collection in which the Queen will not use synthesizers. JAZZ SOLD 5 MILLION Copies worldwide.


was the first Queen album to reach # 1 in the rankings of the best-selling albums in the United States than in Great Britain. The game is an element of musical and stylistic change for the Queen on the cover of the album is a Freddie Mercury with short hair along with Deacon. The first new element is the appearance of electronics. Until that time, Queen had disdained the use of computers and synthesizers in their recordings, and had stressed their rejection with the explicit statement in the liner notes of their albums. With The Game changed his mind and declared it explicitly in the notes, even quoting the make of the synthesizer used. The second element is the group's foray into disco music. At the turn of the seventies and eighties, many rock groups began to test the loyalty of their audience by including album of the songs in their album, with results sometimes trivial, sometimes even brilliant. Even Pink Floyd had a few months before the album Queen, positively shocked their fans with "Another Brick in the Wall Part II. Mercury and company did their part with two tracks: Dragon Attack (written by Brian May) and especially "Another One Bites the Dust (signed by John Deacon), with its famous bass line inspired by Good Times" by Chic. Another one bites the dust is Queen was the single most 'sold in the United States. It represents an innovative pop that you would expect from the Queen. In fact, many were disappointed by this sudden change of style. With Sail Away Sweet Sister, Save Me, Play The Game, the band returned to its origins with the usual rock style made of choruses and piano. While perhaps not representing the creative summit of Queen, The Game, however, influenced all their subsequent work and can therefore be considered a milestone in their career as Queen introduced to a commercial phase of the artistic point of view, a phase that would last for the 80s to break up with the album Innuendo. The Game is statistically one of their best music hits until then: 1st in UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Argentina and Germany. The Game has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Flash Gordon Hot Space is an album released on 8 December 1980 (strangely, the same day was the assassination of former Beatles member John Lennon) of the British rock band Queen . It is the soundtrack to the film Flash Gordon science fiction, inspired by the eponymous comic strip. Years later, Flash Gordon may be reassessed as a good work by the band but still one of the album was less successful artistically. In any case, the album reached the top of the charts in Austria. In 1981 he released Greatest Hits collects the hits that the band from 1973 to 1981. Greatest Hits is still the biggest selling album of the Queen (30 million copies worldwide). Recently (2005) the Official UK Charts Company announced that the Queen's Greatest Hits album is the most 'sold in music history in Britain by declaring (official figures) 5.5 million copies in Britain. In Italy sold 1.5 million copies. In 1982 the Queen decided to take even more of the way and style of synth pop and dance. Hot space is a manifestation. Hot space will be considered by fans as a departure definitive style Queen and therefore will not be judged positively. However there will be songs of interest: first of all under pressure, as well as Life Is Real song dedicated to John Lennon. A few months later, Michael Jackson admitted that he had been for Hot Space inspiration for Thriller (1982) the biggest selling album in music history. THE WORKS

On 27 February 1984 The Works out. The album was undoubtedly one of the best band. Virtually all the hit songs from the album have become more or less famous. From the previous album, Hot Space (1982), a resounding commercial failure, things had changed in the music world. The next two years, Mercury, May and Taylor were also dedicated to individual projects. This fact had led the newspaper to break the news that the band was about to melt. The Works is the best answer for these music magazines. Not only did the Queen continued their musical work, but managed to churn out books like I want to break free (who became a symbol of freedom for the peoples of South America) Radio gags (the inspiration for many pop singers) Hammer To Fall (original rock) It's a Hard Life (with Freddie that shows his vocal power). Do not forget Tear it up and Man on the prowl. The Works is the only Queen album in which all four components, individually, they wrote a song then extracted as a single. They are, in order of publication, Radio Ga Ga Taylor, I Want To Break Free Deacon, It's A Hard Life Mercury and Hammer To Fall May. Brian May said about the album: "When we dressed for the video for" I Want To Break Free ", all England have taken as a fun thing, but in America they have not got it down, and ' have seen as a serious affront. "The American singer Lady Gaga, in 2009, said that his stage name is a reference to Queen's Radio Ga Ga. The Works you place first in the UK, Netherlands and Portugal. He has sold 6 million copies worldwide.

A Kind Of Magic A Kind of Magic is the first album to reach the 1st position in Italy. Although this album may be defined as one of the best rock band. The Italian fans consider him the best (second only to Innuendo) as perhaps the first time almost all the songs are pure rock (with the exception of Who wants to live forever and Pain is so close to pleasure). Many songs on the album were published for the film Highlander. To quote A Kind Of Magic, Friends Will Be Friends, Do not Lose Your Head and Princes of the Universe. A kind of magic he was among the first 35 albums in 35 countries around the world (record). The album sold 7 million copies worldwide and 500,000 IN ITALY.

Between 1986 and 1989 the Queen passed through a difficult period of their career. In the spring of 1987, in fact, Freddie Mercury was discovered to have contracted HIV (news that turned out to group members only in late November 1989 during the recording sessions for the next album Innuendo, but not to the media until the day before his death in November 1991), Brian May while he was recovering from a violent marriage crisis. Freddie was also still in the first six months of the year, still working to finish his second solo project with soprano Montserrat Caballé, Barcelona, \u200b\u200band had little time to reconcile its commitments in the studio. That is convinced the other band members to spend as many hours as possible in recording sessions at the very beginning of 1988. In any case, many people Mercury argued that since 1985 knew of the disease. Statistics show that the album was another step forward compared to previous ones. My personal opinion is that in reality The Miracle is a step backwards in terms of A Kind of Magic. I want it all to me was the individual who hauled the album. But even The Invisible Man and The Miracle (one of the most complex songs written by Mercury in the last years of his life) has been very good single. MIRACLE IS THE PLACE OF THE FIRST ALBUM PIU 'SOLD IN 6 EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. The album sold 7 million copies worldwide and 400,000 IN ITALY.

In 1991, the rumors about Freddie Mercury AIDS patient became increasingly insistent on tabloid newspapers, but were denied with equal determination by the singer, has always been at war with the press to protect their privacy. In the same year came Innuendo considered by far the best album of the Queen and the history of Rock. After the promotion of The Miracle, the band surprised everyone by claiming to be already back in the recording studio to record a new album so soon after the publication of previous work, and then went almost the entire 1990 to continue the work. Freddie was now in the final stages of his battle against the evil that was slowly leading to death, and this it can also be seen from the deep atmosphere of sadness and melancholy of some of the album. The band and the producers originally sought to publish the record by the end of the year, around November or December, but the declining health of Freddie meant that the release did not take place until February 1991. Some parts of the disk, the last, were recorded in a hurry to finish their work before the final stage of the disease to prevent you from Mercury to sing, according to his will. In the end, Freddie died less than ten months after the release of the album.
The particular situation that was facing the group was made to reflect in the texts and melodies of the album, whose theme main can be no doubt considered the "fear of the arrival of impending death." They range from the hardest episodes (The Hitman, Headlong) to the most gloomy as The Show Must Go On, erroneously regarded as a testament to Mercury, but actually written by May, even if credited, as all the songs for use by 'album The Miracle, the entire band. Many critics believe that the song was written for one part of Mercury. The video of the song featured a compilation of all the clips of the Queen since 1982. This choice was due to the fact that in that month, Mercury was in the last days of life and his health was very poor (more than when were recorded the video for I'm Going Slightly Mad and These Are The Days Of Our Lives). Another song worth listening to is the title track Innuendo: sounding very epic, it is considered "the Bohemian Rhapsody of the nineties", for it shows many similarities, including the length (6:30 against 5:58 of the song A Night at the Opera). Innuendo 9 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE AND 600,000 IN ITALY.
In These Are The Days Of Our Lives Freddie is a very very bad very thin and pale. "I STILL LOVE YOU" (I love you still!) Were his last words sung. I think for all the fans this moment represents not only an important moment and touching but the actual realization that for Freddie fans were more than anything else. He said before he died: "I will not change the world, I will let my songs to express feelings and emotions that I feel and I've tried. Being happy is the most important goal for me now, and when I'm happy my work shows it. In the end all the mistakes I made and all related excuses will be charged only to me: I like to think it was just me ... Now I just want to have all the joy and serenity as possible, and live as much life can, for all the little time I have left. "On November 23, 1991 Freddie Mercury announced officially the world's have AIDS, "I want to confirm that they are HIV positive: I have AIDS. I thought it appropriate to keep this information confidential until now in order to protect the privacy of those around me. However, it is time that my friends and my fans around the world know the truth. I hope everyone will join me, my doctors and those around the world in the fight against this terrible disease. "The day after November 24 Freddie Mercury died.

MADE IN HEAVEN was released in 1995
Made in Heaven the last album in which she sang the now-deceased Freddie Mercury. He debuted in first place in the UK and remain for 25 weeks, 4 times platinum, the album will be (in studio) Queen's best selling (over 16 million copies worldwide). Made in Heaven owes its name to the title of a song that Freddie Mercury recorded in 1985 for his solo album Mr. Bad Guy, reproduced here in three different version by Queen. In the name of the album you can see also the reference to the fate and all that it entails (in English the words "Made in Heaven" means "made in Heaven"). the most enigmatic track is undoubtedly the last. Not listed in the tracklist of the CD or the booklet, the track 13 is 22 minutes and 32 seconds long. It is completely instrumental, with some vocal tracks undefined (probably recorded by Freddie himself in his last days of life) and the main instrument is the synthesizer. Within it, there are numerous changes of tempo, volume and instrumentation. The main hypothesis is that the Queen wanted to have, somehow, retain all their history on this track. In fact, the total years from the publication of the first album Made In Heaven are just twenty-two, and carefully analyzing the various steps of the track, you may see some similarities with the main steps of the path of the band. Mother love was the last text written by Mercury completed by May. Mercury's voice breaks into song, giving a sense of sadness. The text describes his state mood in the last weeks of human life, which no longer has hopes for his future. The refrain is haunting and desperate, and it is engraved in the last high note of Mercury, the Bb. The second verse describes the love that Freddie wants to receive from her mother before her death. After this stanza a solo part of May. All tracks are worthy of note though perhaps Let me live, You do not fool me, and Too Much Love Will Kill You "are a step ahead of others. My Life Has Been Saved was the last tribute to Deacon (close friend of Mercury) gave to the singer by imposing voice. Of special concern is the album cover: The front cover of the album depicts the shoulders backlight and a statue of Freddie Mercury in Montreux, a town in Switzerland where Mercury spent the last years of his life and where the Queen had a recording studio (the Mountain Studios), in his stage act with his right fist raised in the background of a sunset over Lake Geneva.

While it was previously released on Greatest Hits II (1992) which contained the hits of Queen from 1982 to 1991. Following will be published on Greatest Hits III (1999). In 1997 Queen Rocks for fans of rock song of the band. The album includes the new single No-One But You "in memory of Lady and Mercury Diana. This piece will be the last that will be attended by John Deacon from this time John did not cooperate more with the remaining 2 Queen (May and Taylor). Many fans have interpreted this as a choice selection of Deacon of consistency with respect to Mercury, and then have judged very positively. Although they have nothing to say in future decisions of May and Taylor, the bassist of Queen leaves the scene. Many people think that the choice of John tantamount to a "no Queen without Freddie Mercury." Even today there are many fans who excoriate May and Taylor for continuing to play and to have replaced Freddie with Paul Rodgers. An unknown number of English fans disgusted by the behavior the two have written a statement accusing Roger and Brian's real betrayal. May and Taylor for their part claim that Paul Rodgers is listed as an addition due to the necessity of having a singer. This fact is confirmed as the CDs are the words "Queen + Paul Rodgers."

An important consideration is made regarding the live concerts. The Queen is considered by critics as the group that gave the best concerts in the history of Rock. In particular, the LIVE AID (1985) is considered the most beautiful live concert of all time. Freddie Mercury wanted every performance of the band was a striking spectacle. Last Their tour was the largest and most acclaimed, the Magic Tour in 1986. A series of 26 performances, all in Europe, came into parks or stadiums and contennero many thousands of spectators. Only in Britain there were 400,000 spectators, and organized two dates at Wembley for 11 and July 12. Mercury in mid-concert reminded often that the Queen would continue together, obliterating the sounds of dissolution that the press claimed.

Note: Regarding the statistics on sales of albums have been consulted the following sources: the official website of the Queen fan club "The Official International Queen Fan Club" and Wikipedia ( The sites give different versions of the figures sales. On most albums, however, the data of the sites are nearly equal.


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