Friday, November 12, 2010

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A "hole" A house

Hello everyone,

fatigue is beginning to be felt. Besides, the hubby and I can no longer see us. In this period of fairs, exhibitions and other events is a bit 'that we can not more to spend a weekend together. Yesterday we talked about just going there to take a relaxing weekend at some spa, and of course I said that my dream would be the Vals spa, designed by Peter Zumthor ... one of the buildings that I long to visit for years! So this morning I took the opportunity to try to find some info ... and I came across these pictures of a villa built near those spa, designed by Search and CMA-Christian Mueller Architects. I'm frankly speechless ...

The house, also known as The Hole (the hole), it is hidden in the mountain slope, while taking advantage of the spectacular view and allowing light to enter the building.
The client, surprised that it had allowed to build so close to the famous thermal baths in Vals by Peter Zumthor , took the opportunity to enhance the site without disturbing the sweeping views of the spa .
The introduction of a central courtyard in the steep slope creates a big facade with a great potential for window openings. The angle of view from the building is slightly tilted, which allows for even stronger and impressive vision of the beautiful mountains on the opposite side of the narrow valley.
designers are satisfied that the proposal has not been imposed on the adjacent spa. The project was perceived as an example of pragmatic development in a discreet and delicate position.
The location of the entrance in an old barn and through an underground tunnel has further convinced the developer that the project concept, as it might seem absurd, was actually approved by the local authorities.
Inside, the house, almost entirely furnished with modern furniture from Holland, has a compact configuration of the bedrooms on the first floor that creates unexpected spatial effects with bunk beds, baths raised at high altitude and podiums with king-size bed.


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