Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taking A Hot Shower Before Waxing

Fabiana & Alex October 9th, 2010

Fabian and Alex were born in the same hospital three days apart from each other. Twenty-four years after they met. In Camogli fell in love and 10 years after they were married right there.
The wedding was an opportunity for them to involve their loved ones into something totally personal and sincere that told them and their journey together, Virginia (their lovely daughter) included!
For example, the celebrant was the professor of art history in high school Fabiana;
the tableau is a series of names of islands by their visited, the favor is a photo book layout by Fabiana Le Langhe, a paradise for newlyweds, lovers of wine and trips - gourmet and amateur producers of wine in Piedmont.
all very personal choices joined by a fresh and sparkling magenta hydrangeas, which gave the party a very candid and elegant touch, as many of us would say: simply chic!
location: Villa Dufour, Mulinetti (GE)
catering: The wedding dress Manuelina
: Suzanne Ermann
bridesmaid dress: Suzanne Ermann gown
groom: Armani
photo: Clara Bigaretti


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