Sunday, October 31, 2010

How To Write Out A Wedding Card To A Co-worker

Mama Bunga bunga

Bunga Bunga, here it is the expression seriously that is a candidate to become the word of the year. effects also depend not so much linguistic but also political will. Meanwhile, the effects on everyday language are there for all to see.

Bunga bunga has become a catchphrase: the headlines to the parody of Captain Jack on the notes of the famous Waka Waka Shakira.

The front pages of some newspapers, October 30, is emblematic: "The bunga bunga Fini" (Il Giornale ), "The elixir of life bunga" (Free ), "The bunga bunga notaries "( Time ). But it goes on and on. And Gazzetta dello Sport and Tuttosport , October 31, opened the first page with the same title, "Bunga bunga Juve.

Bunga Bunga by joke (which recycles a British slang dictionaries recorded in a violent gang rape) sexual ends up being a gossip declinable wildcard expression in different shades.

To Annalena Benini ( Sheet) is a linguistic and anthropological revolution so that the Arcor bunga bunga precedents such as the barefoot-Tuca Tuca (Raffaella Carra) Bingo Bongo (Adriano Celentano) or bongo bongo (Renzo Arbore). example? Annalena writes: "Bunga bunga at all," said a voice greeting easy to misunderstand, as well as "today I woke up very bunga bunga", but "bunga bunga be you" clearly expresses the concept even if the meeting with a strange guy, "Look at that bunga bunga" in case of headache, "I have a deadly bunga bunga" and, as part of heated opinion, is the stuff of bunga bunga. "

So Long life to the bunga bunga. Listen to the episode went Radio broadcast on Radio


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