Friday, October 8, 2010

What Can I Serve As A German Appetizer

centerpiece handmade shawl made in Spain

I am a bit 'of days that do not place anything, I'm full of commitments various kinds, but I found time for unhealthy passion that unites many of us women already married (If we were not married, it would sound a passion!)
I'm peering a bit 'all the 2011 collections of clothing designers who pleases me more. This year in particular I'm crazy about Anna Cerruti and Jesus Peiro. This English fashion designer, as well as being a pretty little woman with a humble smile and reassuring face, designs clothes that make me go crazy.
Sure, maybe the genre can not please everyone, but today I propose a series of images of shawl, which I find to be elegant and original.
I leave you some pictures of those who impressed me most of the collection in 2011.
I hope you like them too.


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