Monday, October 4, 2010

Whitish Discharge At 38 Weeks

Vintage Pink Chanel Inspired

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a
good weekend! Ours was wonderful ... we have two new little furry guests at home, they give us so much joy, and we had a very welcome guest with whom we spent two wonderful days of set tables, tea light and walks through the fields and horses!

today place a bit 'of images for a 2011 wedding that yesterday I was finally informed of what will be the dominant color of their party and I was also giving a peek at her wonderful dress!

holds dear, a bit 'pink powder of ideas for you!

horizontal tableau with peonies, hydrangea and buttercups

bouquet of peonies
detail buttercups

detail jar with lace tea light

detail and menu placeholder

detail as table

Of this marriage I love the use of sea anemones and roses powder to create the much-loved ... contrast is delicious! I hope you like it too:)


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