Friday, October 15, 2010

Maytag No Speed Cycle

A Halloween Wedding Lavender Wedding - Valerie Marcello and 10 -09 -10

The post today is a special post. This is because it is the first marriage in real life, after my own, I write a post, either because the marriage and the couple are indeed very special! Valentina
When I contacted for the provision of the candy coated, I immediately realized that behind the screen there was a dynamic, witty and deeply in love talking to me. And how could it be otherwise?! Valentina lives and works in London as a sales assistant at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, which is one of the largest architectural firms in Europe, forcing all employees to punishing schedule. And yet, Valentina managed to organize a beautiful wedding. Her husband lives in London and works as an architect.
addition to the theme architecture in town, shortly after Valentina told me to have the lavender theme! Why you let him explain to her with sweet words "Lavender marks the transition from being my little girl (I did not like) being a woman (I love). It 's a romantic essence, that smacks of the past and family, strong and persistent, friendly and woman .. . Since I started to love it, (my husband and 'always liked), I always wanted to go on holiday in Provence, in the fields of lavender. We love both the purple and we wanted to give that day looks a little bit special ... plaster, a bit romantic, simple and clean, like lavender, like us .. "
He then announced the wedding date: 10-09-10 ... exactly two months after mine! Another coincidence love the number 10, and his has another romantic story to tell: "We are together since 2000 and this was our tenth year together .. We met on bus number 10 that took us in high school .. So we are very close to the number 10 "
And after this large and very sweet preamble, I leave you to the photos so I hope you enjoy them.

On each table was a framed poem. On the table of the couple this poem:

"Love is a temporary madness,
erupts like a volcano and then subsides,
and when it happens you have to take a decision.
Devi whether your roots have become intertwined
inconceivable as to make a separation.

Why is love.

It is the passion, the excitement, the everlasting promises of eternal passion,
the desire to mate every minute of the day.
's not 'stay awake at night
to imagine that he kisses every little corner of your body.
This is simply being in love,
something that any fool can do.

Love is what remains when falling in love has burned away;
and is both an art and a fortunate accident. Those who truly love
have roots that stretch out towards each other underground
and when all the pretty flowers fall from the branches,
discover I am a single tree, not two. "

taken from "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" by Louis de Bernières


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