Friday, October 22, 2010

Square Recessed Light

I am back,
know, it's a week since place, but I had an endless series of commitments. I suppliers to meet, to furnish the office, the showroom to set up ... and then it was also my birthday, so I took some 'time!
I hope today's post with the very rich to recover a bit '. In fact I apologize for too many pictures, but I could not choose! I assure you that I did not go looking for pictures of a wedding themed Halloween ... I got across by pure chance and it was love. Do you think about marriage more rural , free and free of labels that exist? Scattered fields have in mind where to run, an altar in the branches, children jumping, grandmothers combing between they were invited to sit on bales of hay on the floor for the ceremony?
's marriage now is all this and much more! And I love it:)


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